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Grah Dhoop

The Grah Dhoop sticks are made from natural, sustainable planet sources.


Dikpal means a Protector of Direction.

Vaastu Nikshep Manjusha

Indian tradition deals in detail with Vaastu Shanti, a process of energization.


This is not just the watch, it is almost the map of the planet movement everyday

Orgone Energy Products

Dr. Wilhel Reich, M. D. of USA is just one of them who named it as 'orgone energy'.

Vaastu Consultancy

Our services include Vaastu Consultancy for Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Residential cum Commercial

Vaastu Solutions

Energy Based Branding

Are you looking out for strategic and scientific solutions for the growth of your business? 'Energy Based Branding' is the answer. Experience to Believe it!

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About us

About Vaidic Sanksar
In this modern world, quest for peace is becoming illusive due to fast life. People are doing many things to achieve peace. In this process, human beings are subjecting themselves to more tensions. That is affecting their mental and physical health. Many individuals and organizations offer various options, which they claim, shall lead you to total peace. That increases confusion. Vaidic Sanskar Architectonics (I) Pvt. Ltd. has resolved to wipe out this confusion. Through deep research we have developed some innovative concepts which are bound to give you mental peace and balanced health. GRAH DHOOP, planetary incense sticks, AuspiWatch, first time in the history of the TIME and many more such products developed by Vaidic Sanskar have a strong cultural, astrological and scientific base. All these products with regular use are sure to add divinity to your life.

Ar. Sanjay Mahashabde
Ar. Sanjay Mahashabde, an architect by profession, attracted towards Vaidic philosophy, astrology and many ancient texts of Indian wisdom. That has led to creation of Vaidic Sanskar Architectonics (I) Pvt. Ltd.. He stresses on our ancient philosophy which thinks of human beings not as just creations of flesh and blood but as creatures with soul and mind. Ar. Mahashabde is involved in the research of subtle energy field which envelopes all human beings and everything that surround humans.

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