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Dikpal means a Protector of Direction.

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This is not just the watch, it is almost the map of the planet movement everyday

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Dr. Wilhel Reich, M. D. of USA is just one of them who named it as 'orgone energy'.

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First time in the history of Time Patent No. 104 / MUM / 2004
Involved in the ongoing research of subtle Energy Field (Morphogenetic Fields) Grids & Zone within and around the building forms, materials and human beings, Ar. Sanjay B. Mahashabde has studied From "Muhurt Shastra" a part of "Jyotish" (Astrology), Muhurt ancient Indian text describing the Astrological aspect of human life.

Ar. Mahashabde is welcoming you to the world of "Vaidic Sanskar", a world where your "Day to Day activities" will be cared for and guided by planetary combinations presented in the "Auspiwatch". With regular use, "Auspiwatch"will transform your 'Efficiency' strengthening it, slowly, everyday resulting in perfection. The respective planet influences, every single hour, minutes and seconds of the day for all the seven days. The "AuspiwatchES" are person specific, place specific & purpose specific too. Each Time Piece is made with specific intention, on specific day, at a specific time to, enhances the ambience and to add a divine touch to your watch with its specific planetary combination, sourced from ancient Indian texts on astrology.

New Light On Ancient Wisdom There are three basic types of almanacs prevalent in the world. First is Solar, second is Lunar and the third one is Luni-Solar. This is Indian and the most perfect almanac. From ancient times Indian sages recognized the importance of the Sun and the Moon. They correctly thought that a day is made of day and night. They concluded that existence and nonexistence of the Sun and the Moon, affects human life in more than one way. Centuries on and through several generations 'Muhurt Shastra' was brought to perfection. They took into consideration the relations of the Sun and Moon with other planets, their movements through Nakshatras and Zodiac signs, studied the effects of these movements and devised ways to tell accurately auspicious and un auspicious time of a day at a particular place. Auspiwatch has successfully combined all these almanacs and is based on Muhurt Shastra. It is like Indian almanac and modern world's calendar coming together to tell you appropriate 'time to do'.

Time measurement system of Indian almanac is different from the Western or Gregorian calendar. Ancient saints and wise men of India divised the perfect system to measure time. Total day is further divided into 'Pal', Vipal','Ghatika'etc. Auspi Watch takes into consideration all these subtelities. You are supposed to set your Auspiwatch according to the local time of sunrise. Then it will tell you exact time position up to 'Vipal'.

There are various discs and 'Hands' which tell the user exact time in terms of above mentioned units of time measurement. There are different colored segments which indicate which 'Paksha' (forthnight) and the 'Tithee' is going on. It does not stop there. It tells you the position of 'Moon' and 'Sun' also. You can make out easily in which 'Rashi' (Zodiac sign) and in which 'Nakshtra' they are located at that moment. Because some combinations are considered unfavorable and some are thought to be favorable for different deeds or purposes. That is why Auspiwatch has a special provision to show Rahukal (un auspicious period) of the day. Indian sages recognised centuries ago, that human being is made up of Body and Mind. They concluded that the Sun affects the body and Moon controls matters of mind; hence their movements are important from the point of view of human behavior.

Every day of the week has its specific color code indicating the nature of the activities to be done.
New Light On Ancient Wisdom For example - MONDAY - The color on the Auspiwatch dial i.e. white and sky blue indicates the color code to be used for dressing. The white and yellow - duel Color spot on the top of Auspiwatch dial shows the SATVIK and RAJSIK nature of the ruling planet MOON indicating the SATVIK and RAJSIK nature of work to be undertaken on that particular day.

5th Dimension - Planets and their significant positions play a pivotal role in human life, which has been proven beyond doubt by the Science of Astrology and Muhurta Shastra. In ancient times people had the knowledge and specialization of the same, but today, due to the hectic schedule and also due to non availability of the teachings, it is not possible to refer the best or auspicious times (muhurta) for a particular nature of works to be taken up. Small successful steps taken today in aid to the auspicious time / muhurta help making major achievements in future.

Auspi Watch - Planetary Type (Based on week days) Auspi Watch - Planetary Type(Based on week days)

This is not just the watch, it is almost the map of the planet movement everyday so the Auspiwatch is to be regarded as a "Map" and so it must be held in positions while reading by aligning to cardinal "North". The Auspiwatch is combination of the "Panchang", or Almanac, conventional watch, "Grah Varna Shastra" with 24 hour dial display system which gives the user, the vital information on the various astrological aspects of that particular day and / every hour. ever minutes and seconds Auspiwatch displays direction that one should not travel on that particular day. The product Auspiwatch also displays the Color Codesfor everyone and anyone on that particular day. Auspiwatch also describes the nature of works to be undertaken on that particular day. The product Auspiwatch indicates the four important "Yog" described in the "Panchang" which tells positive and negative aspects regarding the combination of the Nakshatra, Tithi and the Var / day. The product Auspiwatch also indicates the user regarding the Shatru-Mitra Bhav of the planets for all 24 hours. The Auspiwatch displays the rashi for which this planet is the swami or the ruler, rashi for which this planet is not beneficial and the rashi for which this planet is beneficial. The Auspiwatch also displays the rahu kaal with thick ring demarcating 1½ hours span of rahu kaal Shav likit mahurta or Chaughadiya are also displayed.

These and many more aspects make 'Auspi Watch' very special. One can put his/her own 'horoscope' in the watch too. With this you can see whether position of Moon or Sun is favorable or not. 'Jyotish Shastra' believes that each person is unique. So, planetary positions and other combinations give different results to different people. Putting your horoscope in the watch gives you fair idea of whether the present day or near future is beneficial to you or not. Accordingly you can design your time table of the day, week, month or year.
Now, not only every day but every Hour and Minute can become auspicious. Success and well being of you and your family is within your reach, be any where in the world and be a follower of any type of Almanac.

Auspiwatch thus gives us a full fledged "panchang" along with timepiece which helps us to lead our life smoothly and keep it in tune with the planets so as to minimize the hurdles in day to day life and making our life easy and harmonious.

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