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Grah Dhoop

The Grah Dhoop sticks are made from natural, sustainable planet sources.


Dikpal means a Protector of Direction.

Vaastu Nikshep Manjusha

Indian tradition deals in detail with Vaastu Shanti, a process of energization.


This is not just the watch, it is almost the map of the planet movement everyday

Orgone Energy Products

Dr. Wilhel Reich, M. D. of USA is just one of them who named it as 'orgone energy'.

Vaastu Consultancy

Our services include Vaastu Consultancy for Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Residential cum Commercial

Vaastu Solutions

Energy Based Branding

Are you looking out for strategic and scientific solutions for the growth of your business? 'Energy Based Branding' is the answer. Experience to Believe it!

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उदरभरण नोहेजाणिजे यज्ञकर्म
99% Hygienic and 99% Energetic.
Fungus free, rust free, dust resistance, cockroach free environment, easy to wash.

According to Indian philosophy, kitchen is not just a place, where food is cooked, but it is considered as'Yajna Mandir'. As food supports the energy of life, Ar. Mahashabde has designed Modular Kitchens based on Vaastushastra. He is also giving expert consultancy on kitchens throughout India.

He believes that harmonious design of home gives a happy start in life. Vaastushatra, a science of miracle helps you attain this goal. Ar. Mahashabde stresses on striking perfect harmony between our life and the natural elements. Since 33% of our life energies depend upon our environment, it has a deep and profound effect on our health, happiness and mental peace. Vaastu Kitchen developed by Ar. Mahashabde and designed by Architect Dhuri is aesthetic, functional, cost effective, modular and also energetic and hygienic.

Ar. Vitthal R. Dhuri famous kitchen expert & senior architect from Parle (E), Mumbai is with Ar. Mahashabde in designing Vaastu Kitchen.

1102 Kumarpuram Mukundnagar, Pune.

Interior scheme of the residential flat of Shri Poharkar at Akola

At Vaastu Kitchen, we believe in striking perfect harmony between our life and the natural elements. Vaastu Shastra is the study of architecture and its influence on our lives.

Since 33% of our life energies depend upon our environment, it has deep and profound effects on our health, happiness and mental peace.

As the kitchen being the most vital part of our home, we have meticulously designed it to fulfill all your needs. It is aesthetic, functional, cost effective, modular and above all Energetic and Hygienic. No wonder if it motivates you to cook!

To ensure absolute hygiene, an all stainless steel framework keeps a fungus free and cockroach free environment. Stainless Steel is not only elegant, but is also dust resistant and can be effortlessly cleaned even with a hosepipe. The hygiene level of your domestic kitchen can now match that with any 5 star hotel kitchens!

The vaastu kitchen is built with a combination of excellent quality materials with topnotch craftsmanship. We have a technical collaboration with ‘ Metal Fabricators of India’, the company with 35 years of experience in Hotel Kitchens.

Be assured that every aspect of the kitchen, from cabinets to hardware are made to last. Perfectly suited for Indian use and conditions, our kitchen bestow our unparalleled commitment to quality and dependability.

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