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Grah Dhoop

The Grah Dhoop sticks are made from natural, sustainable planet sources.


Dikpal means a Protector of Direction.

Vaastu Nikshep Manjusha

Indian tradition deals in detail with Vaastu Shanti, a process of energization.


This is not just the watch, it is almost the map of the planet movement everyday

Orgone Energy Products

Dr. Wilhel Reich, M. D. of USA is just one of them who named it as 'orgone energy'.

Vaastu Consultancy

Our services include Vaastu Consultancy for Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Residential cum Commercial

Vaastu Solutions

Energy Based Branding

Are you looking out for strategic and scientific solutions for the growth of your business? 'Energy Based Branding' is the answer. Experience to Believe it!

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Energy Based Branding

Your Situation:
Do you really want your business to prosper?
Are you serious about the growth of your business or expansion of your current business?
If yes, we provide you with a perfect solution.
'Energy Based Branding' is the answer. Experience to believe it!

What is Energy Based Branding:
Energy Based Branding essentially brands your business with a single focus to make you SUCCESSFUL in any of your ventures!
The focus is to make you successful in every activity you execute and every milestone you accomplish.
Our concept is to every minute step in your business to be planned with accuracy. Energy Based Branding helps you to make it possible!

How do we design Energy Based Branding:
We brand your business with Energy.
Be it a Logo, Corporate Business Stationary, Brochure, Company Promotions or Websites. We maintain the Aesthetical sense and Energize every line, form, font, color.
The overall Composition of your Business Identity will then comprise of Energy Based Branding.
You will get to see the results in your business and it will Energize and Prosper.

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